I Casali del Moraiolo

The dwellings of tradition, where the typical Umbrian culture blends with nature

The moraiolo farmhouse, the first built, is the founder of our project all aimed at Umbria and for this reason its name is Moraiolo, the typical variety of Umbrian olive. Considered the main fort, in its privileged position, unique in the elegance and elegance of the furnishings and details such as the flavor of the strong moraiolo oil.

Four beautiful Cottages

for an unforgettable stay in the heart of the picturesque countryside of Umbri

Umbria preserves intact the splendor that history has given it. An imposing tradition and lush nature offer on a silver plate all the ingredients that serve a high quality of life. The Moraiolo farmhouses complete the picture.

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The Wellness Centre is accessible by the clients of the structure in an exclusive way respecting pre-established times. Antended in the bright and cozy Wellness environment, you will be induced to relax by the sweet aromas designed for your maximum comfort.

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The Location

    Close to the wonders of the center of Italy, far from the confusion of tourism.

    Umbria preserves intact the splendor that history has given her. An imposing tradition and a luxuriant nature offer all the ingredients you need for an high quality of life. In this contest, the Casali del Moraiolo, recently restored, in keeping with the architectural characteristics of the Umbrian country houses, are all flanked by beautiful pools and an infinity series of other comforts, in the lush tranquility of the views that surround them, to rediscover, without interference, the taste of beauty . At 2,3 Km away from Pantalla, 30 Km away from Perugia, 40 Km away from Assisi, 50 Km away from Trasimeno lake.

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